What does the daughter of one of the most desirable women in America in the 90s Anna Smith look like now?

Marriages are not always built only on love, sometimes it happens that women prefer to get married by convenience so that they don’t need anything in the future. This happened in the life of the heroine of our material, Anna Smith.

Everyone knew about this spectacular blonde in the 90s. She is an incredible beauty with seductive forms, she was able to break out into people from the very bottom, starting her journey in adulthood with piquant dances.

And now luck smiled at her, she meets one of the richest people in America, 90-year-old James Howard Marshall 2. True, the marriage was short-lived, just a year after the wedding, the man passes away.

After that, Anna will start more than one novel, but there will be no more high-profile ones in her life. In one of the subsequent marriages, the woman gives birth to a daughter, Dannielynn. At that time, Anna was already quite firmly on illegal substances, so her daughter was not so important to her.

The bright blonde, whom millions of men dreamed of and were ready to put the whole world at her feet for her, passed away while still a young woman. She was addicted to drugs. Anna’s daughter now lives with her father, who almost immediately took her away from her mother.